History of Arian Salamat Sina

Arian Salamat Sina Company founded in 2009, under the leadership of a skilled physician and surgeon, with the far reaching aim of providing effective, scientifically proven natural and herbal drugs and supplements through strategic business partnership with well-known European manufacturers of natural PAIs and FDFs, to import and manufacture nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals and natural products.
Arian Salamat Sina Co. is a strategic partner and exclusive agent of HOLISTICA® laboratories and PHASILAB® from France, TRADAPHARMA® from Switzerland and DONG-A® from South Korea, exclusively based on herbal and constituents of natural origin.
As we move forward with our development programs we intend to actively seek out international collaborations and partnerships that will flourish our propensity to provide the most powerful scientific health compounds and products.
Arian Salamat Sina has established and setup its own GMP approved pharmaceutical manufacturing plant with established highest quality with utilization of most modern and state of the art equipment along with advanced R&D to study and formulate new and exciting natural remedies and health enhancement products.


We are with you


It considers the development of public health as its mission by consuming nature-based products. The effective effect of these products has been considered by consumers, medical communities and research institutes so far and encourages us to continue to offer these natural and healthy products.
Arian Salamat Sina is actively seeking cooperation with international partners with a common vision, focused on exports and imports, to complete its mission by creating an understanding in the field of promoting the culture of consumption of nature-based products. In this regard, the company has benefited from a strong team of managers, benevolent board members, capable investors, thoughtful colleagues, committed employees and experienced business partners in all stages of growth and prosperity, including company construction, growth, development and maturity


Our Fundamental Values

We aim to create value through most talented and engaged people, innovation, product quality and customer service. We take our role and commitment seriously towards society by planting trees to preserve our natural resources with our sight on sustainable approaches for healthy future generations by dedicating a significant portion of annual profits of the company to noble causes.