The Iranian Northwest Orthopaedic Surgeons Association in collaboration with the Department of Orthopedics of Tabriz Medical Sciences University, held the Orthopedic Northwest Annual Conference in Tabriz. It was held on 17th to 20th June with the participation of specialists and surgeons in orthopaedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pediatrics and related residents, general physicians and medical science students.

In this four-day congress, new papers about modern surgical and medical techniques in pediatric orthopaedics, bone fractures, bone infections, joint replacement, joint arthritis diseases, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis were presented.

Ariansalamat Sina Company has participated in this congress and introduced the OsteoQuinon and Mixodin that are very effective in bone and joint diseases to participating doctors in congress. Ariansalamat Sina Company was also sponsor awards in this congress and gifted prized awards to top writers and scholars of literatures.

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