Ariansalamat Sina Co. with the people

Participation in municipal health centers

This year, Ariansalamat Sina pharmaceutical company to develop cooperation with Tehran Municipality Health Department tries to spread their support in holding free classes and workshops and consultations to spread throughout the city of Tehran, so the general public can take advantages. In the second half of the 95, health centers in 3rd and 4th District were added to the 2nd District for workshops and free training classes.

Ariansalamat Sina´s effort is to trading the people with silent diseases such as iron deficiency, osteoporosis and women’s diseases and always poor urban areas of city are in are priorities for cooperation. Ariansalamat Sina pharmaceutical company is the only pharmaceutical company in Iran that has launched his customer club.

All people can visit the company’s website address ‘’ for registration and membership at the club and use its services.

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