13th Annual Congress of Iranian Rheumatology Association

The 13th Annual Congress of Iranian Rheumatology Association was held on October 16 by the Iranian Rheumatology Society at the International Conference Center of the National Library of Tehran. As in previous years, this congress has included various sections such as: comprehensive lectures, symposium, lecture and poster presentation, and workshops organized by the Iranian Rheumatology Society.

As the previous 12 congresses, the main focus of the Thirteenth Congress was on rheumatology and included congressional sections on symposium and presentation of interdisciplinary papers.

Various pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies operating in the field of rheumatology and orthopedics presented their products to related physicians at the congressional sideshow. Arian Salamat Sina Co., which has excellent and innovative products and scientifically-renowned by physicians, had participated in congress exhibition and, in addition to supporting the congress, had presented its supplements and natural remedies effective in the treatment of rheumatology and orthopedics to visitors. Artrolistica, Citra Bone, OsteoQuinone, Avodin, Magniforte, Calci Power, Mixodin and D₃ Forte products were introduced to physicians by Arian Salamat Sina Company representatives and explained how to use. Most physicians who were already familiar with the products and used them confirmed the efficacy of these products with positive feedback of patient satisfaction.

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