Mission and values



To develop the most health enhancement natural products to improve the quality of life that consumers, healthcare professionals and specialized research and healthcare institutions will readily identify, recommend and seek. Arian Salamat Sina actively explores international collaborations and partnerships, with focus on specializing in the import and export, licensing, and commercialization of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical, health related products, food supplements and functional foods. We value the needs of management teams, boards, entrepreneurs and investors, colleagues, employees and business partners at every stage of development: inception, measured growth and dynamic maturity. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our valued customers and provide them with healthy, safe and trustworthy procurement of our products, and keeping in our crosshair the company strategy and development towards being the leading manufacturer in the market with a wide geographic presence. We constantly strive to identify market trends to create a true competitive advantage and leverage for our clients and partners while focusing on our expertise in supplements, nutraceuticals, and natural remedies, and to remain a key player and leading partner in the industry.



To become a household brand as the premier producer of latest natural and herbal drugs, remedies and supplements and also a full variety of pharmaceutical drugs and medicines in the Middle East.

Our Fundamental Values


We aim to create value through most talented and engaged people, innovation, product quality and customer service. We take our role and commitment seriously towards society by planting trees to preserve our natural resources with our sight on sustainable approaches for healthy future generations by dedicating a significant portion of annual profits of the company to noble causes.