26 – 28 Dec 2018 Twenty-second annual congress of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnosis of Iran with a retraining score was held in Tehran on 26- 28 Dec 2018 in Razi Congress Center, headed by Dr. Seyyed Mansour Raigani, President of the Society for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnosis of Iran. The Congress held by giving new sides and advances in pain syndromes, electrodiagnostic medicine, rehabilitation and modern rehabilitation technologies, orthosis and prosthesis, sports medicine and exercise therapy, rehabilitation of […]
22- 26 Oct, 2018, Olympic Hotel, Tehran, Iran The 26th Annual Congress of Iranian Orthopedic Surgeons Association was held from 22- 26 Oct 2018, headed by Mr. Dr. Razi the head of the Orthopaedic Surgeons Association at the Tehran Olympic Hotel Congress Hall. The congress is held every year with the presence of international top professors, Iranian specialists living abroad and Iranian famed speakers, and all professors, orthopedic specialists and researchers of this field and other relevant specialties are invited […]
The fourth international exhibition of pharmaceutics´ and related industries with participation and presence of more than 500 active companies from 24 countries was held on the 2nd-4th of October in the mosque of Imam Khomeini (RA) to show the capabilities of the country’s pharmaceutical industry. Iran Pharma is the most important regional pharmaceutical event held by the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries and supported by “The Ministry of Health and Medical Education”, and “The Food and Drug Administration”. Presenting the […]
31st Aug, 2018 Arian Salamat Sina Company, on the occasion of the Physician´s Day and to commemorate the professors and experts, invited the specialists of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation around the country to host lunch parties at the traditional Ferdowsi Grand Hotel in Tehran. At this party, about 85 invited from physicians and their families were attended. Dear Mr. Dr. Seyed Mansour Raygani, President of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Society of Iran, Mr. Dr. Raees-sadat Faculty Member of the Shahid […]
Date: 24th Aug, 2018 Coincides with the Hakim Abu Ali Sina’s birthday and national doctor’s day, the ceremony of commemorating Ardabil physicians and specialists was sponsored by Arian Salamat Sina Company in Kian Hall and Ghasre Sefid Hall of Ardabil. More than 700 specialist, general practitioners and dentist were present at this ceremony, and special celebrations were held for every respectable ones. The ceremony continued with a live music program and then ended with dinner at the Ghasre Sefid Hall. […]
Tehran – Iran, 19- 22 Jun, 2018 The 21st Congress of Iranian Urological Association was held by Iranian Urological Association and corporation with Medical Science Universities of the country on 19- 22 Jun, 2018 in International Conference Center of Shahid Beheshti University (Aboureihan Hall) in Tehran. The topic Issues at this year’s Congress include General Urology, Pediatrics Urology, Women Urology, Kidney Transplantation, Uro-oncology and Adrenal Glands, Andrology, Reconstructive Urology, Endourology, Sexual Dysfunctions and Family Health. Mr.Dr. Abbas Basiri, head of […]
Razi International Convention Center 11 to 14 May 2018 The 29th annual congress of the Iranian Society of Internal Medicine was held with the efforts of the Society of Internal Medicine Practitioners and the presidency of Dr. Iraj Khosronia from the 11th to 14th of May in the Razi Conference Center of Iran Medical Sciences University. Dr. Keivan Elchiyan, a member of the Iranian Society of Internal Medicine, highlighted the congressional issues and stated that anemia, rheumatism, digestive diseases, cancers, […]
May 2018 Arian Salamat Sina Pharmaceutical Company in May 2018 held an annual gathering of all members of the marketing and sales team at the International Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran. The annual conference of the Arian Salamat Sina Co. has started on Tuesday, May 8th, with the arrival and settlement of scientific representatives from all over of the country to the Ramtin Hotel in Tehran. The celebration of the beginning of the Persian year of 1397 (21.March.18); started at […]
17- 19 January 2018, Tehran, Iran The 21st annual congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was held at the Razi Congress Hall in Tehran under the slogan “Movement, the basis of health” on 17- 19 January 20018. In a message, Dr. Seyed Mansour Reygani, chairman of the Physical Medicine Board and the head of the congress, announced the aim of the Congress on the hope of improving the quality and quantity of health services. Dr. Sayed Ahmad Raees Sadat, vice […]
Ariansalamat Sina Company, on the 4th January 2018, invited specialists and orthopedic surgeons in Tehran and Karaj to host a dinner party at the Spinas Palace Hotel in Sa’adat Abad. About 100 guests of the orthopedic physicians’ with their respectable family members attended in the party. The live music program by the music group provided happy and pleasant times for guests, and at the end of the ceremony, Ariansalamat Sina presents gifts to commemorate the guests.