Arian Salamat Sina Company sponsored a one-day scientific seminar of gynecologists in Mazandaran province on June 21, 2019.

32 high-ranking specialists in gynecology from Mazandaran province participated in this gathering and a speech by Mrs. Dr. Mahboubi, a mammography specialist was delivered in the field of mammographic changes and interpretation of the clinical results of mammograms. The seminar started at 9am on Friday morning and was attended by the guests as Dr. Tahereh Nazari, Dr. Mitra Lotfi of the gynecology experts and Dr. Pahlavan, and Dr. Asnafi who specialize in the field of prenatal care. Arian Salamat Sina Company welcomed the guests to the semina for breakfast srving, and the scientific representatives of the company introduced complete and comprehensive descriptions of the products of the Powerfit, Ferrodin and D3 Fort.

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