Another honor for Iran and Arian Salamat Sina Company

Investigation of Mixodin, Magnifort, Osteoquinone, Ferrodin and Calcipower products by Cologne Laboratory, Germany
Arian Salamat Sina Company has always tried to provide healthy products and supplements to consumers without complications and safe. The products of Arian Salamat Sina Company are made of imported raw materials with very high quality and under the license of the most reputable European companies, and their quality is at the level of the top pharmaceutical brands in the world. Due to the need of our country’s sports community for safe and healthy products that are not prohibited in terms of doping tests and can be consumed by athletes with peace of mind, at the request of this company, five products: Mixodine, Magnifort, Osteoquinone, Freudin and Calcipower in 2016 by the laboratory Cologne, Germany was analyzed in terms of banned sports substances and these products were included in the list of authorized supplements in Cologne until 2017.

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