Ariansalamat Sina Co. as a first Iranian pharmaceutical company that its products take place in Cologne list by World Anti-Doping Association has started its cooperation with IFMARC. To celebrate the beginning of bilateral cooperation and partnership between two organization members Ariansalamat Sina Pharmaceutical Co. organized and sponsored a dinner party in 5 stars Espinas Palace Hotel in Saadatabad.  At the ceremony which was held by attending a number of physicians of Medical Sports Federation, Cardiology, Orthopedics and number of officials of  sports federations and also the lovely coach of Persepolis, Branco Ivancovich, the guests were familiarized with the products of Ariansalamat Sina.

The head of the IFMARC; Mrs. Dr. Zohreh Haratian in talks with public relations department of Ariansalamat Sina pharmaceutical company told: the cooperation between the two organizations defined based on mutual respect and observing all international rules, and we are so glad to be the first organization in collaboration with Ariansalamat Sina. She said in an answer to question how long this cooperation will continue: we are very pleased and happy for this partnership and as long as the health products of Ariansalamat Sina pharmaceutical company is in the allowed list of Wada (World Anti-doping Association) we will continue our cooperation. In this ceremony, Mr. Dr. Hamid Reza Asefi the former spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and member of the Football Federation board was present, which expressed his pleasure with this event hoped of success for managers and staff of Ariansalamat. Then all professors and doctors who are involved in sport science were familiar with the company’s products by representatives of Ariansalamat as well. Mr. Dr. Seif chairman of the Football Federation Medical Committee, Mr. Dr. Amin Norouzi medical deputy of Esteghlal club, Mr. Dr. Mazaheri Nejad head of the sports medicine department in Rasoul Akram Hospital, Mr. Dr. Amirhosein Abedi Yekta and Dr. Mohammad Hasaby sports medicine physicians in Taleghani Hospital, and Mrs. Dr. Sharzad Khosravy are from participants and invited in this ceremony. Finally we apologize of all those who attended the ceremony but did not named in this report.

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