National Conference on Prevention and Combating of Health-Related Goods Smuggling

The National Conference on the Prevention and Combating of Health-Based Products Smuggling was held with the presence of Ariansalamat Sina Co. in Alborz Province.

On 27th October 2017, an exhibition of manufacturing products capabilities of the Alborz province was held at the Seed and Plant Research Institute of Alborz Province and continued until 27th Oct.

In this exhibition manufacturer from Alborz province introduced their products including medicine, medical equipment and supplements, cosmetics and food products to visitors. Also on 24th October, the National Conference on the Prevention and Combating of Smuggling in Health-Based Goods was held, supporting of internal production in the year of resistance, production and employment, by the participation of Health Ministry, Food and Medicine Organization, the Ministry of Industries and the head of the Commission on Combat Smuggling at the institute.

Ariansalamat Sina Co. was also present at the exhibition to protect of prevention the smuggling of health-based goods and welcomed the visitors of exhibition.

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