9th Iranian Rheumatology Congress Isfahan Medical Sciences University

The Iranian Association of Rheumatology, for the aim of meetings, training, research and continuing education in the national and international level, held the annual congress of the association in collaboration with Isfahan Medical Sciences University on October 7th – 9th 2015. As in previous years the congress include comprehensive lectures, symposia, oral and poster presentations and workshops, and the speakers and participants were awarded retraining scores.  Congress organizers with the aim of promote the scientific burden of the congress were invited of a number of international masters to attend and speak at the congress.

The key objectives of the congress include:

  • Preparation of field for the realization of the objectives of the Association of Rheumatology in education, research and treatment
  • Presentation of the latest scientific achievements in the field of rheumatology and related fields
  • reinforce the scientific cooperation between members of the Association of Rheumatology and members of joint and bone diseases and others that interested in education, research, and professional treatment of rheumatology
  • Preparation for cooperation with industries and producers in the field of rheumatology

The Congress was held at Isfahan Medical Sciences University, in Ebne Sina Hall and chaired by Mr. Doctor Ahmad Reza Jamshidi.

The product presentation exhibition was also held on the sideline of the Congress, and the top pharmaceutical companies involved there and introduced their pharmaceutical products. Ariansalamat Sina Co. was one the main sponsors of this Congress and announced the unique and expertise products in this field to professionals participating. OsteoQouinone, Mixodin and also new products Avodin and CalciPower were presented by the scientific representatives of Ariansalamat Sina Co. and greatly welcomed by many.

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