The first seminar on the basics of sports medicine at the level of Iran´s University of Medical Sciences was held at the Razi conference hall, on 18 to 19 APR 2015.

 In order to enhance the education of Sports Medicine, Cultural Assistance of Iran Medical Sciences University with corporation of General Medical School held this seminar.

At the opening ceremony of the seminar Doctor Farid Ebadi, vice president of academy for student and culture, welcomed all the participants emphasized the importance of sport in today’s life. Doctor Reza Gharakhanlou, president of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science and has also emphasized on more community between sports medicine society and sport specialists, and said if the distance between these two groups is less, a part of the country’s problems will be solved.

Dr. Ali Mazaheri, the executive secretary of seminar said: with this conference we are looking to establish a clear connection between physical education and sports medicine. Honoring sports veterans of Iran University was another program of the seminar.

Seminar topics include sports injuries, sports nutrition, legal essential in sport, sports psychology, rehabilitation in sports, doping, sports place in the treatment of disease, elderly, disabled, children and women sports and sports ethics.

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