Celebrating the National Doctor´s Day and Commemorate the Ardabil Physicians Society

برگزاری جشن تجلیل از پزشکان اردبیل به مناسبت روز پزشک

Coincides with the Hakim Abu Ali Sina’s birthday and national doctor’s day, the ceremony of commemorating Ardabil physicians and specialists was sponsored by Arian Salamat Sina Company in Kian Hall and Ghasre Sefid Hall of Ardabil. More than 700 specialist, general practitioners and dentist were present at this ceremony, and special celebrations were held for every respectable ones. The ceremony continued with a live music program and then ended with dinner at the Ghasre Sefid Hall. The representative of Arian Salamat Sina Company in Ardebil province introduced the products of the company, including Osteo Quinone and Ferrodin for the guest, and provided the necessary explanations as needed.

بدون دیدگاه

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