Diabetic healthy breakfast celebration

Great festival “Healthy Eating with Diabetes breakfast” on the occasion of World Diabetes Day was held on Friday 13th November 2015 from 7 am with the presence of a large number of people in Nahjolbalagha Park.

This program was held by the social assistance of Tehran Municipality and the 2nd region municipal health office with the participation of all members of Tehran health centers and local diabetes centers from 22 municipality districts of Tehran.

In this event, any health house from every urban neighborhood set a healthy breakfast table and that about three thousand people had healthy breakfast on approximately one thousand five hundred meters tablecloth and were participate in ancillary programs such as education of diabetes, blood sugar screening test and early diabetes screening and health, and many other recreational and happy programs.  Ariansalamat Sina Co. took part in this great celebration as one of the main sponsors of the program. At the company’s booth, scientific representatives of Ariansalamat Sina Co. were presented and explained the benefits of supplements and natural products, especially in favor of these products to help relieve the side effects of diabetes and diabetes drugs to the public. For example Osteo Quinone calcium supplement with vitamin K₂ not only prevents calcification of arteries and soft tissues in diabetics but also increases the insulin sensitivity of cells and therefore decrease the need for insulin injection. Also they learned that common medicines for osteoarthritis may be harmful for them and it is better to use Avodin natural product that even helps to reduce their blood sugar.

Then the health managers of Tehran Municipality chose 22 winners with a draw of participants from various 22 municipality districts of Tehran and Ariansalamat Sina Co. donated them valuable prizes from company’s products.

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