1st International & 8th Annual Tehran Breast Cancer Congress

The 1st international and 8th Annual breast cancer congress was held by Breast Cancer Research center association in Tehran National Library on Wednesday 28th Oct 2015. In this congress that was held under the chairmanship of Doctor Keyvan Majidzadeh within three days, in addition to a large number of doctors and specialists in the country, foreign guests from different countries such as Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Netherlands and America were participated and presented their last research findings in the form of lectures and poster presentations.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, and about a quarter of all cancers in women. Over the last decade this disease in developing countries has evolved rapidly so that its incidence is increasing over 5% annually in these countries. A steep increase in breast cancer in developing countries is due to the expansion of lifestyle habits of developed countries women, or the so-called western industrial life. In our country we are witnessing the increasing incidence of breast cancer as well.

According to its mission to improve the public health and hygiene, Ariansalamat Sina Company, is proud to be a co-sponsor in this important congress with other academic institutions and universities, and take a step towards protecting women’s health in our country.

In the adjoining exhibition of this congress, the top pharmaceutical companies set up their booth to introduce their products to the oncologists and gynecology professionals, and other related fields. . Ariansalamat Sina Company as a leading provider of healthy, knowledge based and along with the day science products, also participated in this congress and presented the specific and useful medications in this field to the participants.

The natural supplement Menolistica which manufactured by Holistica France is one of the unique products of Ariansalamt Sina that according to our physicians clinical trials as clinical research had excellent results in prevention and treatment of many women, hormonal disorders, as well as fibrocystic breasts. This supplement with Osteo Quinone, Ferrodin and Calci Power were introduced to participating doctors in the exhibition and welcomed by many.

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