In 2/10/2014, Ariansalamat Sina Company held meeting and product presenting ceremony in Ardebil Ayishighi hall by inviting leading specialists and selected pharmacies to dinner. In this meeting that was organized with the sponsorship of Arian Salamat Sina Caompany, more than one hundred top professional in the field of health and treatment of Ardabil Province were attended. On this occasion, Mrs. Rashidi, the scientific representative of Ariansalamat Sina Company in Ardabil, introduced Osteo Quinone and Mixodin supplements to attended doctors and gave comprehensive description about efficiency and indications for use of these products. Marketing managers of Ariansalamat Sina Company, Mrs. Kashany and Mrs. Farzali, and scientific representative Mrs. Rashidi, as well as supervisors and sales representatives of Adurateb Company, by attending in this conference, communicated directly with doctors and pharmacists in this Province and talked with them. Special product introduction packages, including catalogs and papers relating to the effectiveness of drugs and their mechanism of action were awarded to the respectable experts from Ariansalamat Sina Company.

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