Global Congress of Marketing and Sales Team of Ariansalamat Sina Co., 2017 spring

Ariansalamat Sina Pharmaceutical Co. got held the global gathering of all marketing and sales members in Ferdousi International Grand Hotel in 2017 spring.

This global gathering has begun from 18th Apr. with arrival and accommodation of marketing team from all provinces to Ferdousi Hotel. The celebrating party for beginning of new work year was held at the traditional restaurant of Ferdousi Hotel by attending of Mr. Doctor Shahrouzi the honorable CEO, Mrs. Kashani the venerable deputy of marketing and sales, Ms. Farzali the respectful director of marketing and sales, and other heads and supervisors as well as all medical representatives and clerks of Ariansalamat Sina Co..  All guest spent good hours together with happy and fun performances by the orchestra and capable artists.

To continue the gathering, the training and scientific conference of medical representatives was held in conference hall of ferdousi Hotel at the morning of next day. Educational materials and documents about two new products of the company were presented and also reviewed the questions about all other products by the scientific head of marketing team. Then the scientific topics in the field of marketing research were trained by the head of market research unit of Ariansalamat Sina. Also the expert of company´s CRM unit gave some explanations about the offered services for customers to caused satisfaction in them. After the comprehensive training course, Mrs. Kashani the venerable deputy of marketing and sales department of Ariansalamat Sina was presented in the hall and with welcome and greeting the New Year to the representatives, and as well as the announcement of equipping and commissioning of plant to produce the medicines and health supplements by Ariansalamat Sinai in 1396, introduced the strategies and policies of marketing and sales in the new year. Ms. Kashani invited individual scientific colleagues to work hard and seriousness for achieving the goals of the company and continue their course of development. The 8 top representatives of the company in 1395 introduced by Mrs. Kashani and were especially appreciated.

The New Year gathering of Ariansalamat Sina was ended with eating lunch in the restaurant of hotel and all representatives returned to their respective cities.

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