The annual gathering of marketing and sales team of Ariansalamat Sina Company

This year, as in previous years the gathering ceremony of marketing and sales team members in Ariansalamat Sina Company was held on the early working days of the year 95. Gathering of year 95 was introduced in a very pleasant and peaceful environment in the Ghasemabad village of Chaboksar in Gilan province. In fact that is not only traveling and recreation, but also teaching and practice.In this 4-days trip, in addition to the views of natural landscapes, traveling attractions, lifts Ramsar, hot water of Jawaher deh, tea factory and Museum of Gilan Nature, training sessions on topics affecting business principles, as well as familiarity with issues in education and presenting the articles and special topics of market research also was done.

Appreciation of eight of the best representatives in year 94

 According to the evaluation of performance of the members of team in last year by Vice President Marketing and Sales Mrs. Kashani as well as sales and marketing director Mrs. Farzali, the best eight of them were selected and they were appreciated with the special ceremony.

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