Holding of conferences on “Beat Diabetes” in health week

Every year, the day of April 7 is celebrated in different countries as World Health Day. This year the slogan of Health Day is “Beat Diabetes”. In Iran special programs and events are planned for this week from 20 to 26 April across the country. Ariansalamat Sina Company with its forever slogan “Your happiness is our sincere wish” has actively participated in special events in health week and by providing educational and health services continue to serve the precious Iranian people. In this regard, on Sunday 24 April, the conference of the principles of proper nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and on Monday 25 April the conference of role of stress management and healthy eating in the prevention and treatment of diabetes were held in health houses in collaboration by health department of district 2 and sponsorship of Ariansalamat Sina Company. In these one-day conferences, the medical advisor of company expressed useful contents about the problem of osteoporosis in patients with diabetes and effective ways to prevent and treat osteoporosis for the audience and introduced the supplement Oseto Quinone. Also many questions on how to use of calcium supplements and osteoporosis problem in diabetics and non-diabetics were raised by the participants and medical advisor of the company answered all questions.

At the end of the program, Ariansalamat Sina to honor those who have labored in the holding of conference and also who attended in the program, were awarded the elects with valuable prizes.

بدون دیدگاه

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