Holding midterm Iranian Orthopaedic Association Congress in Kerman

This year Kerman as the hub of the South East of orthopedics in the country, became the host for country’s midterm orthopedic Congress. Main topics of the Congress of orthopedics, were included the spinal diseases, so that fractures and arthritis of the spine and related treatments were discussed. According to the head of Kerman Orthopaedic Society branch, doctor Ali Pour Amir, 80% of world people at least have a history of back pain, once in their life.  For this reason, after the common cold, back pain is the most common complication in the world. Doctor Afshin heshmati, the orthopedic and spine surgery fellowship proficient and secretary of the congress also said: in general, nutrition is an effective factor in catching all diseases, and even smoking and psychiatric and neurological problems associated with spinal disc herniation and complications. While heavy jobs also increase the risk of spinal diseases.

Ariansalamat Sina Company as other scientific events was actively present in the congress and presented the related specific products to orthopedic diseases such as Osteo Quinone, Calci Power, Avodin and Magniforte to experts participating in the congress. Extensive attention and welcomed by participating physicians from the products of Ariansalamat Sina and also expressed satisfaction with their effectiveness was very impressive, as in the previous congress.

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