Holding of general conference highlights to importance of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of cancer

There is a report of about 90 thousands new cases of cancer annually in the country and a total of about 350 thousand cancer patients in the country now. Terrible statistics of increased cancer incidence have prompted public health officials to educating the correct life style and prevention of cancer to the public to provide the context to control this dangerous disease. In this regard Ariansalamat Sina Co. in collaboration with Health Department of the Tehran Municipality of Region 2 organized the comprehensive training program in the Conference Hall of Parvaz Neighborhood House, with the theme of the importance of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Women were invited to attend in this conference as the responsible person for the healthy family nutrition. Medical advisor of Ariansalamat Sina Co. along with introducing of anticancer foods has presented the Shiitake mushroom that has potent anticancer and immune system boosting effects and several researches and clinical trials had done around the world on it. Also she introduced the Powerfit product which is made from Shiitake mushrooms.  Osteo Quinone, Ferrodin and Mixodin brochures were distributed and sufficient information were given.

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