National Gathering of Marketing & Sale Team of Arian Salamat Sina Co. in New Year

همایش سراسری تیم مارکتینگ

Arian Salamat Sina Company held a celebration for annual gathering of all members of the company’s marketing and sales team in Ferdowsi International Hotel in Tehran. The annual gathering of Arian Salamat Sina has started with the arrival and resettlement of medical representatives from all over the country on Monday 16th April. Celebration of the beginning of New Year has started from 8 pm in the traditional restaurant of Ferdowsi Hotel with the presence of CEO, marketing and sale deputy and managers, supervisors and medical representatives of Arian Salamat Sina Company, and The guests spent a lot of happy hours and enjoying from great performances by the orchestra and mighty artists.

Continuing the congress program, on Tuesday morning, April 17th, was scheduled to be held to meeting and conversation the CEO of the company, Marketing and Sales Deputy and Sales Managers with marketing team. In this program, which was held at the Ramtin Hotel Conference Hall, the CEO of Arian Salamat Sina Company highlighted the company’s history, goals and missions.

Then the meeting of the training department was held with the medical representatives for introducing the new products that will be added to the product portfolio in the new year.

During the afternoon session, when all the representatives of the company attended the venue of the meeting hall, the marketing and sales manager; in her welcoming message to the team, underlined serious efforts that to be need to realize company’s goals and continuity of progress and development of the company and also the ability to communicate, discipline, integrity and follow up to achieve the successful future.

The next day, the team’s training program continued with review the educational issues of existing products, the Q & A session and role play practice.

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