Pharmaceutical Ariansalamat Sina Company, held the first professional and academic skill training in the field of drug introducing and selling for scientific representatives and supervisors at the conference hall of Golrang pharmaceutical investments on 12 and 13 Aug 2014 in Tehran.
At the beginning of the conference, Ariansalamat Sina CEO, Mr. Doctor Shahrouzi welcomed the active and hardworking employees in around of Iran, and then delivered a speech in connection with the role of selling department in company’s promoting and success in the future.

More, Mrs. Kashani sale general manager of Ariansalamat Sina Company while the welcome greeting to conference attendance, explained the executive program and the purpose of holding this training course that to be increase the skills and science of individuals, so upgrade and extent of the company’s effectiveness and sale rating.
In this course, the education unit of the company produced and donated an educational pack comprises of booklets and CD, as well as valid articles linked with issues raised in this conference. Scientific representatives having this valid scientific articles that is references for manufactured and imported medicines and supplements and their mechanism of effect, will better be able to introduce and provide the necessary explanations about company’s products for the community of physicians.
It is worth noting, the instructors of the courses in the curriculum were Mrs. Kashani, sale general manager, Mrs. Farzali head of sale department and Mrs. Asadzadeh scientific expert of Ariansalamat Sina Company.
Excursion of Ariansalamat’s associations
Continuing educational conference, on Thursday 14 Aug 2014, Lavasan recreational camp for all associates was held by Ariansalamat Sina Company.
It provides that in order to create vitality and boost the spirit of empathy and cooperation as well as refreshment from training program had been arranged over the past two days, visiting the Vaziri cave museum and lunch in the lush gardens of Lavasan persists.

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