In Thursday 2014/06/24, 26th Ramadan, Forum Members Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation were held at Tehran’s Talaash Hotel in sponsoring of Ariansalamat Sina Company.

In this one-day academic conference that was set up by directory of Dear Mr. Doctor Syed Ahmed Raees Sadat specialist in physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and professor of faculty martyr Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, began with lecture of Mr. Doctor Sh. Akrami specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation in martyr Beheshti University of Medical Sciences hospital in introducing electro diagnosis case report and less common case in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

It was continued with iftar entertainment of Ariansalamat Sina Company to guests and participants of the conference.

Then Mr. Doctor Kamyar Akrami specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Imam Khomeini Hospital reported the second electro diagnosis case in less common disease in the field of Physical Medicine.

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