The scientific and professional topics in drug and supplement selling

 Ariansalamat Sina Company, held the second professional and academic skill training in the field of drug and supplement introducing and selling for scientific representatives and supervisors at the conference hall of Talash Hotel on 14 to 16 APR 2015 in Tehran.

The gathering ceremony was started with the recitation of the Quran and chant of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Continuing, Ariansalamat Sina CEO, Mr. doctor Shahrouzi with welcome and say happy new year to active and energetic company representatives across the country, delivered a speech in connection with the introduction of new products to market and sell domains important role in the promotion and success of the company. With the entering of new products of Ariansalamat Sina into the pharmaceutical markets, respected CEO emphasis was on double efforts of sales team to achieve the high objectives in 94 years in this hard and important year.

Then the sub-holding Golrang pharmaceutical companies introducing video film was displayed to audiences.

Later, Mrs. Kashani deputy of Ariansalamat Sina Company with hello and welcome to the attendees explained the topics and aims of the conference program that is to increase the knowledge and skills of sale personals, thus improving performance and sale rating of the company. Mrs. Farzaly, respected director of marketing and sales, while saying hello and happy new year to attendees, noted the critical tasks of representatives and supervisors of Ariansalamat Sina Company in the new year.

The educational unit of the company produced and donated an educational pack comprises of new products booklets, as well as valid articles linked with issues raised in this conference. Mrs. Asadzadeh, the lecturer of scientific topics, held the educational sessions for new products and reviewing the other products according to program and answered the representative’s questions about presenting of all products.

Mr. Doctor Shirazi, the lecturer of faculty, discussed the new methods of marketing and sales in pharmaceutical field during two sessions.

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