Large Gathering of Supervisors and Sellers of Alborz Broadcasting Company

During 3th and 4th October 1394 meeting of heads and sellerss of Alborz Broadcasting Corporation was held in Tehran Seamorgh hotel. According to report of public relations department of Ariansalamat Sina Company, the large gathering of supervisors and sellers of Alborz Broadcasting Corporation for first six months of the year was held in Tehran Seamorgh hotel. During the two days of the conference, a number of sale seniors of pharmaceutical companies presented sales statistics of their collaborations and Alborz Co. In this seminar, Ms. Kashani deputy of sales department of Ariansalamat Sina was present on behalf of the company. On the second day of the seminar which the time was dedicated for Ariansalamat Sina Co., the program was carried out as follows:

At first Ms. Kashani had a speech and she began her speech by saying a sentence which is the Alborz Co.´s slogan « In Alborz Co.´s value chain, suppliers have a special place, the importance of this place in the mind of senior managers in the organization is same as that in their opinion the suppliers are from a large family of Alborz Co. ». Then she thanked to the senior managers, commercial partners, area sale managers and all of Alborz Co. coworkers, and reported the sale statistic of the first six months in 1394. Ms. Kashani reported the separate sale statistics from Alborz sale branches and declared the net sales efficiency for two products OsteoQuoinone and Ferrodin.

Ms. Kashani in continuing her speech introduced Ariansalamat Sina products by displaying related slides and emphasis on new products.

Before the speech of Ms. Kashani a leaf of survey had been distributed among managers, supervisors and branch experts of Alborz Co. about Ariansalamat Sina Co., which continued with drawing the forms by presence of a number of Alborz directors and 10 people, have been awarded prizes by Ariansalamat Sina.  Ms. Kashani at the end of the speech, while wishing health and success to all the Alborz staff look forward to working together more and more.

 After the Ms. Kashani´s speech, product sampling was performed to all of the audiences in the conference hall, and all participants received a product sample pack of OsteoQouinone.

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