The Iranian Association of Rheumatology in order to holding the educational and research gatherings, and continuing education in the national and international level, held the 11th Annual Congress at the National Archives building on Oct 25- 27, 2017. As in past years, this Congress contained many parts, including comprehensive lectures, symposia, papers and poster presentations and workshops. The main focus of the eleventh congress like the ten previous congresses is rheumatology diseases. In addition, in the current congress, symposium sections and presentations of interdisciplinary articles were also included.

Ms. Dr. Susan Soroush, the secretary of congress said about the goals of the congress: The annual Rheumatology Congress is being held in order to achieve the scientific goals of the Iranian Rheumatology Association in educational, research and therapeutic areas.

At the congress, the country’s latest scientific achievements in rheumatology and related disciplines are presented and the conditions for scientific communication and exchange of views between rheumatologists from all medical science universities throughout Iran are provided. Another important goal of this year’s congress is to strengthen the scientific collaboration between the members of the Rheumatology Association and the members of the orthopedic diseases and other enthusiasts in educational, research, therapy and professional issues in the field of rheumatology.

At the congress exhibition, various pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies from the country that are active in the field of rheumatology and orthopedic, introduced their products to related doctors.

Ariansalamat Sina Co. which has always been scientifically promising for doctors with the presence of innovative products, has been present at the congress exhibition, and in addition to sponsoring the congress, presented its supplements and natural products  for the treatment of rheumatology and orthopedic diseases for visitors. Osteo Quinone, Avodin, Magniforte, Calci Power, Mixodin and Ferrodin were introduced to physicians by the scientific representatives of Ariansalamat Sina Company. Most doctors, who already were familiar with

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