Cervical myelopathy Symposium on Physical Medicine

The Cervical myelopathy Symposium on Physical Medicine held at the martyr Modarres hospital on 2014/05/29 in Tehran with the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Association management.

The conference was co-sponsored by Ariansalamat Sina that welcomed guests and participants of the seminar to lunch.

Meeting began with announcement of the program on behalf of Mr. Doctor Sayedahmed, Raees Sadat, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and member of Education in martyr Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.

Mr.DoctorSyedMansoor Raayganyhead of thePhysical Medicine Association, speech about thenewmethodsin Electro diagnosis ofcervical myelopathy.

Then Osteo Quinon and Mixodin supplements were introduced to specialists by Ariansalamat Sina Company.

 These supplements because of the effects of prevention and treatment of diseases of the bones and joints, was concerned by the audience.

Papers relevant to the issues raised and brochures of drugs were submitted to specialists.

In conclusion, the Professionals questions about administration, dosage and molecular mechanism of action of these drugs were answered

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