The Fourth Iranian International Conference on Women´s Health

The Fourth International Conference on Women´s Health was held in Sina &Sadra conference hall in Shiraz on May 20 and 21, 2015. The aim of holding of this conference is to improve the health level of women society for achieving the practical solutions to evaluate and improve preventive services. Many biological, social, cultural, environmental and economic factors influence on women´s health status. Indeed women due to special physiological reasons such as pregnancy, lactation and menopause are also at increased risk of certain diseases and disabilities. Therefore, the Health Policy Research Center decided to hold this international conference and brought together academics and experts, to address this important issue.

Mr. Dr. Kamran Baghery Lankarany, professor of Shiraz Medical Science University and head of  Health Policy Research Center was the head of this international conference and Mrs. Dr. Naeeme Maharlouee, social medicine specialist and the membership of scientific committee of  Health Policy Research Center, was the scientific and executive secretary of this conference.

The main topics were reproductive health, improving health, nutrition, healthy aging, contagious and non-contagious diseases, psychological approaches and exercise and women´s health.

Ariansalamat Sina Company was one of the sponsors of this conference. In these two days, more than 400 physicians and specialists visited the Ariansalamat Sina Company´s pavilion and products that presented there. The company´s scientific representatives were in the pavilion and introduced Osteo-Quinon and Ferrodin products which are very useful and beneficial for women by supplementary vitamins and minerals, to specialists and physicians who visited the company´s pavilion.

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