National Gathering of Scientific Representatives of Arian Salamat Sina Co. in 2018

Arian-Salamat-Sina Pharmaceutical Company in May 2018 held an annual gathering of all members of the marketing and sales team at the International Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran. The annual conference of the Arian-Salamat-Sina Co. has started on Tuesday, May 8th, with the arrival and resettlement of scientific representatives from all over of the country to the Ramtin Hotel in Tehran. The celebration of the beginning of the Persian year of 1397 (21.March.18); started at 8:00 p.m. in the Espinas Palace hotel in Tehran with the presence of the Aryan Salamat Sina’s CEO, Deputy Minister of Marketing and Sales, Director of Marketing and Sales, and other supervisors of Arian Salamat Sina Co., all scientific representatives as well as all the staff of the marketing and sales department of Arian Salamat Sina Conducted and hosted by many delightful and happy programs with the orchestra and artists, provided a good gathering and happy time for all staffs.

In the course of the conference, on Wednesday, May 9th, a training-entertainment tour was held along with visiting of the Arian-Salamat-Sina Co. production plant area. In this program, all of the members of the marketing and sales team of Arian-Salamat-Sina Co., get familiar with the company’s highly equipped and advanced packaging site and full description by the factory production manager about various parts of the site, including production, packaging, labs, warehouse and so on.

On Thursday, May 10th, the last day of the conference, all the scientific representatives attended in the conference hall of the Arian-Salamat-Sina Co., followed by greeting and welcoming message from marketing deputy of the Arian-Salamat-Sina Co.; announced the marketing plans in the new year and the schedules for the colleagues, and reminded the important tasks of each of the colleagues.

Then, the marketing and sales manager; in her welcoming message to the scientific deputies, underlined serious efforts to realize company’s goals and continuity of progress and development of the company as well as the colleagues and also the ability to communicate, discipline, integrity and follow up as the features of a successful scholar.

Last but not least, the team’s training program, which included reviewing and re-examining existing products, teaching new topics and articles, as well as collaborating news with different medical universities in the form of clinical trials, is being implemented by the company’s market research and education supervisors presented.

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